Monday, October 17, 2011

One A Day----Week 7

Hello everybody!
Thank you so much for all your comments last week. You made me so happy and encouraged me to go on. Maybe without you, I had given up already, I´m not very good in finishing long term projects.
I´m in row 75  of my blanket now and run out of my first ball of yarn, the turquoise. Which is together with the red my favourite colour in this blanket. I hope I can manage to go to our yarn shop this week! We have school holidays in the moment and my little one is at home the whole day. And he loves visits at the yarn shop, he loves to grab all the yarn from the shelves and throw it at the bottom! So most of the time I am busy with putting all the yarn back in the shelves, while he is going on with the yarn shelves behind me. So maybe, if I am very fast, run to the right shelf, grab the yarn and run to the checkout, I will be able to trick him out. But I will look very funny then. : )

And I couldn´t resist, I have started a ripple blanket last week. I´m doing only one row every day. It is a bit tricky, to work on it for me. I often count wrong and have to rip off the whole row because of it. So actually most of the time I did two rows a day. ; ) I hope I will get used to the pattern soon.

Sorry for the bad pictures, I made them at 7 in the morning. We will be on a day trip today, so I will visit you all tomorrow!
Have a great day! Barbina
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  1. They are both looking great! Good luck at the yarn shop...I hope your little one lets you find your yarn. LOL

  2. Your blankets are lovely. Are you doing Lucy's Neat Ripple? It is easy to follow and easy to keep count on. The first ripple I ever made has very uneven spaces between ripples. I look at it now and laugh. but I love it, it wa my first blanket.

  3. Hi!
    I like them both. Very pretty colors. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  4. Both a beautiful I do love your first blanket. Don't worry you will get in the ripple groove and it will become easy!

  5. Love them.

    Yes the Ripple pattern does get easier.

  6. Your blanket looks great, good luck getting your yarn!

  7. Gorgeous blanket. Lovely colours, in both of them. Hope you manage to pick up more yarn without too much trouble!
    Kier x

  8. The fact that you're on Row 75 on that first blanket is astounding! 75? OMGosh!
    I smile that you started a ripple b/c they are temptingly beautiful and the world of possibilities in color combinations is so fun to fathom.

  9. Such beautiful blankets. It's great to see another ripple beginning, Judy x


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