Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Crochet

Today, I want to show you my newest piece of Christmas crochet. I have seen a picture of these stars at pinterest and was totally fallen in love with them!
If you want to make one  too, you can buy the pattern here at etsy. Have a look at the pictures, they are very easy to crochet.
We have horrible weather in the moment, very foggy and dark everywhere. so it is not easy to make nice photographs, I´m sorry!

If you want to see more wonderful Christmas crochet visit Barbara´s Christmas Crochet Link-Party!
Have a great day! Barbina


  1. I love it, just gorgeous!!! I have t make some more christmas tree decorations and this might just be a good start!

  2. Hello Barbina. I visited your blog now and joined. I like all your crochet handmades. I ll follow you to learn much more.
    Thank you. Best wishes and Merry Christmas..

  3. That is a really cute start, I am going to start my christmas crochet in July this time...I left it until September last year and I was rushing for time!


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