Thursday, January 19, 2012

Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2012

Finally I have finished my squares for the Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2012!
If you haven´t heard about it yet, you will learn everything here. Jill had this wonderful idea to make a blanket with squares send from bloggers all over the world. This is going to be amazing in the end! And one lucky person will win this blanket! So, if you are interested, it is still time to start a square or more and send them over to Jill until January 31!
I was thinking a lot, what pattern I will use for my squares. I wanted something with a little flower in the middle, because flowers were the first crochet item, I have learned to do, one year ago. So I was searching for a pattern, but couldn´t find the right one. So, I tried to write my own.  It wasn´t so easy for me and took me two days to get it right, but now I am happy with it. So here there are, I hope you like them!

I have used Rico essentials cotton dk, which I have got in our local yarn shop and some rests I had in my stash. I´m trying to write the pattern down for you and post it here soon!

Have a wonderful day everybody! Barbina


  1. Hi Barbina... WOW! They are so beautiful... really lovely pattern, and I love the little flowers....lovely colours too that are going to go beautifully with the rest of the squares. Thank you so much for joining in with the Beautiful Blogger Blanket... sewing together has begun! Good will have 4 entries! :)x

  2. Beautiful Granny Square Flowers!


  3. hi Barbina,
    deine Squares sind ja wirklich toll geworden! Hut ab, dass du die selber entworfen hast - unglaublich, dass du erst letztes Jahr mit dem Häkeln begonnen hast!! :)
    Ganz liebe Grüße,

  4. Oh Barbina, they are most beautiful! I LOVE the flowers in the middle. Simply gorgeous!

  5. The squares are just beautiful. Well done, can't wait to see the pattern!


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