Friday, January 20, 2012

Flower Square Pattern

The pattern is in US-terms!
For the square:
Start with a magic ring, or chain 4 and form a ring
Rnd1- Ch2 (counts as hdc), 11 hdc in the ring, join with slip stich to second chain of ch2    [12hdc]

Rnd2- Ch4 (counts as dc and ch1), 1dc into the same stich, * ch1, skip 1 stich, (1dc, ch1, 1dc) into the next stich, repeat from * around ch1 and join with slip stich to third chain of beginning ch4    [12 dc, 12 ch1 spaces]

Rnd3- Ch3 (counts as dc), 5 dc (1dc in ch1 space, 1dc in next dc, ....), ch2, * 6dc, ch2, repeat from * around, join with slip stich to third chain of ch3

Rnd4- Ch3 (counts as dc), 5 dc , (2dc ,ch 2, 2dc) into chain 2 space, * 6dc, (2dc ,ch 2, 2dc) into chain 2 space, repeat from * around, join with slip stich to third chain of ch3  (here I have changed the colour)

Rnd5- Ch3 (counts as dc), 9 dc ,(2dc ,ch 3, 2dc) into chain 2 space, * 10dc, (2dc , ch 3 , 2dc) into chain 2 space, repeat from * around, join with slip stich to third chain of ch3. Fasten off.

For the flower:
The flower will be attached into the first round of the square. There are 6 unused hdc left now.
Rnd1- Slip stich into one of the unused hdc stiches , ch 2, * 1 sc into the next unused hdc, ch2, repeat from * around, join with slip stich   [6 ch2 loops]

Rnd2- (sc, ch2, dc, dc, ch2, sc ) in next ch2 loop, repeat around and join with a slip stich to first sc. Fasten off and sew in the ends! :)


  1. really very thank you. I understand very good from your photos. I ll try to make this. Very beautiful. Best wishes..

  2. Barbina.. this is so lovely.. an absolutely perfect flower square...I love it for it's simplicity and the lovely colours you used. This would be a great pattern for making a whole blanket and adding flowers on every other, or random squares...OOo, you have made me want to start another blanket!! Great tutorial too! Thanks :)x

  3. That is such a pretty square, and the colours you have used are lovely too!!

  4. Oh wow! Thank you. This is an awesome tutorial. I know I shall be having a go at making one. Cheers! xoxox

  5. me encanta,haber si la tejo para mis crocheteras,seguro que les gusta para hacerse algo,un besazo

  6. I found your blog via Stocki and am so glad I did. I'll be stopping by often. I love this block and thanks for the great pattern!

  7. Thanks for this patern! your "granny-flower" is very, very cute! I´ll try to do it!

  8. Maravillosa! y que bonitos colores, gracias por el tutorial

  9. Bedankt voor het delen van je mooie patroon! Ik heb een link geplaatst op mijn blog
    Groeten Jacqueline

  10. Amei seu blog.
    Muito Lindo!!!


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