Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Beautiful Blogger Blanket 2012 is here!!!

Our Beautiful Blogger Blanket has moved into its new home!!!
Last week this huge package has reached me. See how big it is!!! I was alone at home, so I have brought it to my aunt´s house. I wanted somebody to be with me, when I saw the blanket for the first time.
Inside this huge package I found this beautiful wrapped present.
I love the colour and the flower tape!
Then I have opened it very carefully and laid the blanket down on the floor. I guess, we both stood there for minutes speechless, admiring. It really was a magic moment! I have never seen such a beautiful blanket before in my life.  And I didn´t expect that it would be so huge!!! :)
My aunt was very impressed by  these beautiful squares made by all these talented crocheters from all over the world. Jill has done a wonderful job and sewed all together perfectly. I wish you all could see and touch it too. It´s amazing!!Thank you so much Jill!!!!!
Then I brought the blanket back to my home and my son immediatly fell in love with it! See!! Pure happiness!!

I haven´t found it´s final place. In the moment it is resting on our guest bed.


Now I want to send lots of hugs and a huge THANK YOU to all those who have turned this blanket into such a wonderful treasure:

AJ from AJ The Purple
Anna from Esme Ruby
Bebe from Bebe Rouge
Cath from Clicky Needles
Charlotte from The Crochet Pixie
Charmian - no blog
Darja - no blog
Debbie from Serendipity Patch
Elisabeth from About Crochet
Faith from Faith
Harriet from Hilly Town Blue
Janette from The Green Dragonfly
Joanne from Rose & Dahlia
Judy from Vintage Homespun
Julie from Little Woolie
Karisma from Karisma's Kraft
Kashi from Kashi's Corner

Laura from My House In Africa
Lindy from Who Am I?
Marinke from A Creative Being
Niamh from The Craft Giraffe
Paola from CoCo E Cucito
Penny from Planet Penny
  Shelley from Allformeggymoo
 Velma from Made By Velma
                                         Victoria from Yarn Round Hook

and especially to
Jill from Stocki

and Charlotte from Charlotte´s Web 
I´m so sorry I forgot you!!! You have made my son´s favourite square!


  1. It is really beautiful and you're right it is BIG...we can see that on the pic with your son laying on it :)
    Congrats once more Barbina!
    Sending you lots of kisses:)

  2. Enjoy your new blanket. It's a beautiful blanket so much work has gone into the making of it and Jill has done a superb job of sewing it all together. I think I would just have to sit and gaze at it lol :)

  3. Truly gorgeous! It's so fun to see your son enjoyig and loving the blanket. You all did such a wonderful job.

  4. Congratulations. The blanket is beautiful and looks lovely on your guest bed. It's sooooo big. Jill has made a fab job of putting the blanket together! X

  5. It's beautiful! You should keep it as an heirloom for your future grandchildren :-)

  6. Oh How Beautiful that is! Treasure it.

  7. Wow!, it's an amazing blanket. Well done to Jill for putting it all together and I hope you find a place to enjoy it.

  8. I'm glad you enjoy your blanket but I am disappointed that my name was left off of the list. I made the square with the peace sign.

  9. So lovely to see the BBB 2012 in it's new home Barbina.. and so lovely to see your son enjoying it too! Hugs, Jill x

    To Charlotte (comment above).. This is my fault not Barbina's.. I had not put your name on the original list on my blog...I'm so sorry... I really don't know how it got left off. I will blog about the omission tomorrow and send everyone over to Charlotte's Web :) Hugs, Jill x

  10. It looks stunning and enormous!! I have to say I think it looks wonderful on your guest bed.
    Jill has done such a wonderful job of joining so many different styles together and making them look perfect. xx

  11. It does look amazing!!! I didn't get how big it was until you showed it on the couch and bed!!! ENJOY!!

  12. Oh ja, die ist wirklich toll. Und als Gemeinschaftsarbeit hat sie einen ganz besonderen Wert.

  13. Wow it is so awesome, what a lovely gift to receive! Jxx

  14. It looks fabulous! I can see how you must have been stunned by it.

    It's so lovely to see your son enjoying it, and that you've been picking favourite squares!

  15. It's beautiful! I'm a new follower so how did you get it? What a wonderful gift and hats off to the gal that stitched it all together!
    It is just so gorgeous! One of a kind too! Congrats!

  16. How lovely! It looks great on the guest bed. Matches very well. I love the picture with your son. So precious! So happy you won. Big hugs xoxox

  17. WOW, was für ein Prachtstück!
    Und dein Header ist auch ganz toll, vor allem deine Menüleiste
    hats mir angetan. Du, ich habe da eine Frage und hoffe du kannst mir weiterhelfen: Die Menüleiste hast du auch über links und htmls erstellt, oder? Wenn ja, muss ich den link jedes mal aktualisieren, wenn ein neue Post dazu kommt? ZB. wenn du eine neue Anleitung hast, aktualisierst du dann den Menüpunkt "Anleitungen" oder geht das automatisch?


  18. I simply feel its a great blanket. Just want to grab one now and see what it actually feels like. Thanks for the info!


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