Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy blogiversary giveaway

                                   Hello my lovely readers!!

Today, I´m celebrating my first blogiversary!!!!!! Would you believe, that I´m blogging for one year now??? Time is running so fast! : ) 
I had a lot of fun during this past year sharing with you my life and my journey through the crochet world. I wouldn´t have come so far without your support and wonderful comments you are leaving me here every time!!

As a THANK YOU, I want to start a giveaway! My prize will be yarn this time!!! Last week, I saw  this wonderful malabrigo sock yarn and immediately fell in love with it´s softness and amazing colours. They remind me on the sea which is my favourite place on earth, my happy place, and it´s like I´m hearing the seagulls screaming when I´m looking at it. : ) You will also get a  little beaded dolphin which I made a few weeks ago. All you have to do is to tell me where  your happy place is and maybe you will be the lucky winner! : )

The giveaway will be open to all my readers until next week May 10th and I will send everywhere around the world!

So I´m going to eat my muffin now!! :)
Good luck to you! Barbina


  1. What an amazing colour of yarn. Wow, how generous of you to give it away. My happy place is on my patio on a warm summer morning, pot of tea and something yarny to make while the children play. It doesn't get better than that.

  2. Very pretty yarn. Your giveaways are lovely. I am using the hook case you made for all my hooks and it goes with me everywhere. Yarnology hooks from Hobby Lobby are my favorite hooks. They have an aluminum hook and wooden handle and are easy to hold and stitch with.

  3. Ow, what a lovely yarn and a lovely dolphin!
    Congratulations with your bloganiversery!
    I love the woods with the trees and all the green plants, birds and the smell of leaves. Ow, and an other place where I love to be is "blogland", so inspiring :-)

  4. Gratulation!!!
    Mein Lieblingsplatz ist meine neue Hollywoodschaukel, und wenn ich da mit der tollen Wolle stricken darf, mach ich bestimmt auch ein Beweisfoto :-)
    LG und alles Gute!

  5. HAPPY Blog-aversery!!!!!! I'm glad I found your blog :)

    One of my happy places is the beach too!! We go every year with my husband's family and it always makes me happy!!!!

  6. Oh I love that yearn! My sis brought me two skeins of the exact same co,our, in DK, and I already completed a lovely winter scarve which I will unveil on my blog around next week.

    My happy place?

    With my nose in a book :-)

    (Oh, to be able to crochet and read at the same time!)

  7. Happy 1st blogiversary!!!!! What a beautiful yarn to be giving away.
    My favorite place is also the beach, I love walking along with the sounds of the waves and the wonderful fresh air! It always makes me smile!

  8. Wie sagt man da auf Deutsch? Alles Gute zum Geblogtag? Nein, ich hab's: frohes Blogiläum, liebe Barbina!! :) Mein Einjähriges steht auch bald bevor, am 18. Mai, da werd ich sicher auch ein Giveaway machen.

    Meer und Strand klingt toll, da fühle ich mich auch sehr wohl. Was ich aber auch gerne mag, ist Wandern im Gebirge. Beim Wandern den Kopf freikriegen und dann auf einer idyllischen Holzbank sitzen und den Blick runter ins Tal schweifen lassen, stolz darauf wie weit man es geschafft hat. Und in der Nähe ein eiskalter Gebirgsbach, in dem man noch seine müden Füße baumeln lassen kann. Herrlich!

    Ich wünsch Dir noch einen schönen 1. Mai,

    liebe Grüße von Barbara

  9. Thank you for the inspiration as I am too thinking of a giveaway for my blogaversarry and yarn is such a good idea. The yarn you are offering is beautiful.
    My happy place. Well I live in Lincolnshire and my happy place is in Devon where me my hubby and my little lady every year to go see family. While we are there we visit the beach for a walk, stop by a lovely tearoom for cream tea's and go walking on the moors also look for different places to visit (always on the look out for lovely yarn shops that offer locally produced yarn).

  10. Oooo, Malabrigo sock, yum! Happy Blogiversary and thanks for the giveaway :-)
    My Happy place is my memories of family vacations in the near the ocean, taking walks on the beach under stormy skies, listening to the crashing waves.

  11. My happy place is inside my own empty mind, and comes when I practice the relaxation excercises I learned in drama class in high school. Thre are other times when my mind is empty, like when I can't remember where my keys and watch are, or why I no longer eat spicy foods after 6pm, but that's different. Congratulations on your Blogiversary!

  12. Barbina
    Great blog and great crafts, congratulations on your bloganniversary! I love crochet things.
    I´d love to be in this giveway too, I´m talking from São Paulo, Brazil.
    Big hugs, Ivani!

  13. Happy anniversary!
    Thanks ever so much for the giveaway.
    My happy place as a child used to be in my cupboard. it was carpeted and it was a place I could hide and get peace.
    Now my happy place is sitting in the sun watching my son play.
    susand1408 at googlemail dot com

  14. Congratulations! I'm so happy I found you because I love crochet and yours is so pretty. I also just started knitting and have made a few things and I'm getting ready to knit some socks but I would not practice with that beautiful yarn! I hope you continue to blog as you are very inspiring and motivating and I always love visiting you.
    My happy place is the little farm town where I grew up. Just about 500 people in a place that reminded my Irish relatives of Ireland when they first arrived in the U.S. back in the 1800's.

  15. Happy anniversary!!! What a stunning giveaway hon. My happy place is under a palm tree in Fiji. Whenever life is getting just a little tough, I close my eyes and imagine the view from that spot under the tree. Aaaahh - instant calm.

    Have a fab week hon.

  16. Happy Bloggiversary! And what a lovely surprise that you are having a give away. That yarn is just my colour! LOL My happy place can be many different places as long as I am in nature. I especially love to be in my herb and vegie garden when everything is blooming surrounded by children and animals and even bugs. :-) If I need a quieter happy place I head up into the bush for a bit of a walk and breathe and listen to the birds or head down to the ocean. As I said, nature in any form makes me happy!

    Big Hugs to you xoxoxoxox

  17. lovely! my happy place is anywhere that i am when im knitting or crocheting or spinning :) raineoc@yahoo.com

  18. Congratulation!!! 1 Year - wow! My happy place its at home, cuddling with my kids on the sofa :-)

  19. Thanks for voting for me dear! Congrets with your blogiversary! kiss kiss. That is one lovely posh giveaway, my oh my. I happen to be a very lucky lady and own some of the awesome yarn. I can tell the other readers it is devine! My happy place is in the arms of my lover, doesn't matter where we are.

  20. Hi Barbina,
    And a very Happy Blogversary to you! I love your blog, it's such a friendly place. My happy place is my lovely cosy bed! I love to snuggle down under my quilt and listen to the night sounds - my husband breathing, the wind blowing, and sometimes owls hooting.

  21. Just found your site and am loving it... and your question! My tiny frail mother and I spent the morning in a labyrinth garden, cutting back the dried heads of a plot of sage. There was sun, breeze, and silence, except for birdsong and a few bees mumbling to themselves as they gathered pollen. I would love to win your beautiful giveaway, but the happy place has already been achieved! I'll be back to check on your progress and to celebrate your second year.

  22. My happy place is at our hunting cabin. I don't have to do much house work or cleaning there and I can just relax and do what I want to do which is usually reading,crochet, crafts with the kids, or exploring with the kids.

  23. My happy place is at my home. I know it sounds funny but when I am home I am the happiest. I especially like being at home at night in the quiet when my kids have gone to sleep. I just love to peace, and then I crochet. I don't need anything special. I just like to crochet and daydream about Being with my family, because they are my life and my happy place. They say that you know you love your life when your reality couldn't top your dreams, and that is me :) Thanks for my entry into the contest :)

  24. Congratulations on your one year anniversary!! My favorite place would be either my bedroom or the beach.. I can relax and crochet in either place and am so happy.. Thanks for the chance to win..

  25. Hi Barbina -- so lovely to see the blogger blanket in your home. It is so beautiful! Happy blogiversary. Wishing a wonderful week ahead. Tammy

  26. My favorite place is Bali, Indonesia ..haha...I love beach and i can feel so relax there..:)

    Happy one year anniversary!keep blogging..:)

  27. Happy blogiversary! My happy place is the waterfall on the hill across the road from my parents' house.

  28. I would say I love the days my brother and I get together. We spend it crocheting, blabbing, eating and sometimes a bit of thrift shopping. What better way to spend a day.

  29. Happy blogaversary Barbina! next month Ive been blogging for a whole year too, the time has passed so quickly! What gorgeous yarn, like you my favourite place in the whole world is by the sea too!! Janettexxxx


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