Saturday, June 9, 2012


Hello my friends!!
I want to introduce you to our new family member!! It is a little cat and his name is Findus.

Findus is a character from my sons favourite books Pettson and Findus. He is a huge fan of this funny little cat.

You will find the pattern over at Annaboo´s house . She has written a wonderful tutorial, so really everybody can make a cute little animal or a doll. I guess there will move a lot more of them in our house soon! : )
We all had the day off yesterday and took Findus with us to our local park. We played miniature golf and watched the cute little duckies swimming in the sea. I guess Findus had a fun time with us! : )

I hope you all will have a great sunshiny weekend! Barbina


  1. He is cute! Well done! But he lost his pants in the park!
    Have a nice weekend overthere, here it's still wet and stormy, but we will enjoy anyhow.

  2. Soooo cute! Love him :)
    Kisses to you dear Barbina!

  3. Findus is so cute! Great work. Wishing you a wonderful day. Tammy

  4. Findus ist total süß geworden! Sieht so aus, als hätte er jede Menge Spaß im Park gehabt :)

  5. Findus is so cute, your son must be thrilled with him x

  6. Findus is so lovely and funny. Love him...

  7. Findus is so very cute. I will search that book out for my lil lady.

  8. Hey! Could you check out my latest post :) there is something for you to read!

  9. What a friendly, whimsical creature. Love him!


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