Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My summer blanket progress

My summer blanket has grown very slowly last week! Summer holidays have started and my crochet time is very limited. We visited my father last week and this week we will make a few day trips, although the weather is not very nice, we have a lot of rain here.
I have finished row 2 for all squares and started to do row 3. I have realised last week that I better get started to sew in my ends because it will be a lot in the end. I fact, there are around 1000 loose ends to sew in!!!! This number nearly made me faint! So after I have finished row 3, I´m sewing in all the ends right away!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you will have a great time today!
Love, Barbina

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  1. That will become a very nice blanket!
    I always weave in the yarnends imediately, so it will not be a hard job. I wish you a lot of pleasure during your holidays and succes with your blanket.

  2. You are making great progress, it seems to be coming together really quickly. I think your approach is probably one of the best when tackling a big blanket. Enjoy your holidays, I have another few days of peace before mine break up.

  3. It will be a wonderful blanket Barbina :) Love all the 3 rounds circles...the colors are beautiful! Good luck in sewing the ends :( I hate this part :(((
    Big kisses!

  4. They are so pretty. I must admit I learnt the hard way with sewing in all the ends, now I do it as I go. So I finish a colour and immediately sew them in.

  5. Hallo Barbina,
    Dein Grannys sehen super schön aus. und es ist eine gute Idee mit dem Vernähen anzufangen, wenn Du Dir das nämlich alles für den Schluss aufhabst, hast Du bestimmt keine Lust das zu machen.
    Und versuch das mit dem Milka Täschchen doch mal, es ist nicht schwierig!

  6. That's a lot of ends!! It will be wonderful when it's finished. xx

  7. Looking great. Sewing ends in is the thing i hate the most!

  8. Ooh they are looking beautiful Barbina! I'm not a fan of sewing in the ends either :)
    Victoria xx

  9. Oooh, Barbina - what will the next colour be??

  10. Hello Barbina,I ve just found you from Gingerbread girls blog,I love crochet too and know I'm going to love it here.Have a wonderful dayxxjuliexx

  11. This will be such a pretty blanket. I love the colors and you have made such good progress! I too learned the hard way about sewing in the ends as you go along - boy that can feel like it takes forever, but one end at a time and soon you will be there :o)

  12. I love these blocks!! How nice it would be if we could get someone else to do our ends!

  13. I've just re-joined One A Day so I haven't seen this project - I love all your little circles they look fab all clustered together :D

  14. Very pretty, I'm with you about sewing the ends as you go. Deb xxx

  15. Looking fab, such pretty colours you've chosen. I don't envy you having to sew in all those ends :( x

  16. They look gorgeous and I'll be worth a thousand ends... but may not seem it at the time!

    Enjoy the holidays

  17. They look absolutely amazing honey! Don't you just hate those pesky ends though. If only there was a miraculous way of crocheting without ever having ends to tie-in!! I jumped around the lounge with joy when I sewed in my last end on my big blanket last week. Such a good feeling.

    Have a fab week hon.


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