Monday, October 15, 2012

A market bag and a hat

Hello my friends!
I have managed to finish up my market bag last week! I was lucky to get the right yarn colour for the rest of the bag and it matches perfectly.
I have bought the pattern for the market bag from here, but it is only avaliable in german.

My sons hat is finished too. I have to be honest, I had at least four rip offs until I have got it right and I was really tempted to go and buy short circulars and throw those 5 dpns out of the window. But I wanted to learn it and yes I did!! It is not super perfect, but that´s the charm of handmade, my Auntie would say. :) Anyway, I´m so proud of it and my son  loves it, although he was not willing to model for me today. So here it is my first knitting project made with 5 needles, yay!

I also finished another knitted scarf this time it is a present for my older sister.

Autumn holidays have started here and I have decided to make a little ripple-baby-blanket as a holiday project. We are going to visit my father for the next two weeks, so I will have something to do in the evenings (he has no TV and a very poor internet connection, ugs!)


My year of projects update:

•Finishing all my wips---2/16→ oh my!
•Making handmade gifts for my loved ones----2/12
•Making baby blankets for donation----1/?
•Learning to knit socks---- I´m on my way!!

Oh and I have got this wonderful award from Maree last week!!! If you don´t know her great blog already, you can find it  here! She is making the most beautiful crochet blankets. I´m so in love with the colours she is using!

So, see you all in two weeks again! Have a good time! 


  1. I can't see where yoe changed to the new yarn, so it's probably perfect.
    Nice hat, well done!!!
    Have a nice time with your father! I do have a television, but I never look at is, sometimes it's off for weeks, so I won't miss it, but a bad internet-connection...argh!

    1. This looks very stupid: of course I meant "YOU" instead of "yoe", sorry!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous bag Barbina! Is it your own pattern?
    Victoria xx

  3. I love your creations! I think I'll start with a mini ripple blanket......Have a great visit with your father. I think it's a nice break to be away from technology!!

  4. Deine Tasche ist wunderschön! Wo hast du denn die Anleitung her, die würd ich doch glatt nachmachen ;-)

    Und Glückwünsch zur Nadelspiel-Mütze! Ich werd ja wahnsinnig mit den Dingern. Hab am Wochenende ne Mütze auf kurzen Rundnadeln gemacht, gefällt mir richtig gut, nur leider ist sie mir zu klein *wein* und weil sie noch dazu in Fuchsia ist, ist sie auch nichts für Sohnemann (dem ich sie anprobiert habe und der sie nicht mehr ausziehen wollte...) also geht sie an meine Patentochter. *seufz*

  5. Hello, I love your Blog, almost as much as i love crochet!!
    Enjoy your trip.
    Bestest Wishes Daisy J

  6. Die Tasche find ich klasse, und auch die Mütze! Glückwunsch, daß es mit dem Nadelspiel geklappt hat :-). Ich wünsch Dir viel Spaß die nächsten 2 Wochen, die Ripple-Decke wird bestimmt fertig ;-)

  7. Congratulations on mastering DPNs, the hat looks great! I can't see anything wrong with it. And the market bag is super cute.

  8. Love the little bag. Very sweet. And the hat looks fabulous to me. Well done. I use just 4 DPN's when working in the round. The first time was a little uncomfortable but then I found I preferred the no seams and it got easier anyway. Especially for hats. I am getting the hang of it with my first pair of socks almost done now. :-) Your ripple looks very pretty and Congratulations on your award. Well deserved. Hugs xoxox

  9. Enjoy your visit with your father. It is nice to get away from media and technology sometimes. :) I saw ladies in Nepal working with 5 needles -- doesn't make sense to me at all. The hat turned out great and your market bag is very pretty. Best wishes, Tammy


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