Monday, October 1, 2012

Year of projects---Update 1.10.

Hello, I hope you are all fine today!
It is quite a long time since my last update, I´m so sorry. I have to be more organised now and do this every week! So, what I have done lately:
♥ I have finished my first baby blanket for donation!

I have used a pattern from Laurinda's wonderful new book. If you are planning to learn to crochet, this is the perfect book for you! Also, if you want to learn some new stitches! :)

♥ Then I have grabbed into my wip-box and found this poor little market bag, which ended up in my box because I run out of yarn and then I simply forgot it there.

Last week I went to our yarn shop, took a new ball, brought it home and realised that it was the wrong colour, ugs! That is so me!!! So I have to go there again, but I will take the bag with me this time!

And I have finished a birthday present for my cousin last week. I hope she will like it!


♥ I haven´t managed to knit socks yet, but I will try to knit a hat for my son this week. So I´m going to have a little training with those scary needles. I will tell you next week how I was getting along with it!

We had a little walk in the woods yesterday and you can see autumn has reached us here and it started to get quite cold. So I have to hurry up with my sons hat!!

My year of projects update:

•Finishing all my wips---1/16→ oh my!
•Making handmade gifts for my loved ones----3/12
•Making baby blankets for donation----1/?
•Learning to knit socks---- ???

Thank you so much for visiting me today! I hope you will have a wonderful week !!
Hugs, Barbina


  1. Oooh, das hätte auch ich sein können mit der falschen Farbe *lol* Viel Glück mit dem Nadelspiel, ich hab nach einem paar Socken aufgegeben und mir für Mützen in Zwergengröße (meiner ist fast 16 Monate) ein kurzes Knitpro Seil und kurze Nadeln gekauft.

    Das Deckchen ist auch total süß!

  2. What a lovely colour for a baby-blanket!
    There's a lot you want to do this year; I hope you feel fine with all those pressure you put yourself on to.
    Have a great week, enjoy the colour of autumn and the warmth of your home.

  3. Gorgeous little blanket Barbina!
    Victoria xx

  4. Your baby blanket is beautiful I love the color!

  5. Good luck with DP's. I've purchased them, but have yet to give them a try. Love the woods picture, looks so peaceful there. Congrats on finishing your first blanket, it's very nice and I love the color.

  6. Hi Barbina, love the baby blanket and well done on getting it finished and I'm sure you'll find a red to match your bag, its delicious looking. Love the colours you've chosen for your hat and you'll do fine with dpn's. I used them on the hat you saw this week on my blog, well in fact I seem to use dpns for anyting knit in the round I love using them so much, fiddly at first but stick with it and you'll fly.

  7. Love the baby blanket, such a pretty soft colour. Hope you get your yarn for your bag soon. x

  8. Hi Barbina, Thanks for linking to my blog and my new book. You were one of the first people to complete my Sampler when I first did the Crochet Along last year, which led to the book. Thanks so much for all your help over the past year. :)

    I always enjoy seeing the colorful things you are working on. Maybe we can motivate each other to blog more regularly. :) - L

  9. Lovely blanket... I'll take a look at the book as I love to learn new crochet stitches..that is part of my YOP...Lovely pics..

  10. I love your baby blanket hon - it's beautiful. And I can't wait to see your market bag when it's done. I want to make one too!! Good luck with your project list - you're amazing!!

    It's meant to be spring here but it's freezing today and I think I need to light the fire.

    Have a fabulous weekend.

  11. Very cute little baby blanket, I love the colours. Just a warning, if it's for an NICU, check they accept crochet, because I know the ones I knit for don't, as little fingers and toes get caught in the holes. If it's not, ignore me!

  12. Hallo Barbina, ich nochmal. Ich hab hier einen kleinen Award für dich:

  13. Nice blanket Barbina ! Wish you all the best to complete all your project targets :)

  14. Hello Barbina
    Sweet sweet blanket in a lovely bright colour....why do some people think it has to be all pastels for a baby....I adore using strong colours. Great to have objectives....sure you'll managed to complete them all.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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