Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Handmade Ornament Swap

Hello everybody!!!
Recently I have joined the Handmade Ornament Swap at Christina Lowry´s blog. I didn´t know that there are so many patterns out there for Christmas ornaments! Oh, oh and I´m soo bad in making decisions! So I made a few during the last week, not sure which one will be send to my swap partner. Crochet or knitted, traditional or fun and colourful? I will keep you posted!
You can have a look here what all the others have made so far!

Last Sunday we have celebrated St. Martin´s Day here. My son and I are loving this day!
We have created a paper lantern together and baked  Martinsmänner during the day time.

And in the evening when it was getting dark outside the whole village came together. Then we  were walking  along the streets of our village with our lanterns to a huge bonfire where the story of St. Martin was told to the children. It was very magical with all the colourful lights everywhere. And there was a lot of yummy food!! Which is always the best part for me! :)

Many magical moments to all of you!!!!


  1. Love the lantern, how clever and cute (in a scary way of course!). Have fun with your swap :) x

  2. What a nice latern!
    Here in Holland, the children are going along the houses to sing a little song and than to get some sweets. I like the tradition in Germany much more, because I think the way they do it here is like begging, while the children get more than enough.
    I'm lokking forward to see your ornaments!

  3. What a wonderful tradition! I imagine your village looks beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the ornaments you make.

  4. I love the latern, it is quite cool :) And the christmas ornament swap looks awesome!

  5. whatever you're knitting up there looks fantastic! and that sounds like you made some lovely memories. :)

  6. Is St. Martin's like Halloween here in the U.S.? The ghost made it look like it. I like your celebration with the bonfire and food! I'm with you on the food part!
    I am just trying to knit my first sock for the zillionth time using Magic Loop circular knitting....I cannot imagine how I could handle all those needles but someday maybe I'll learn. I love your snowflake beautiful. I can't wait to see all the different ornaments! Inspiring!

    1. No, it is not like Halloween. St.Martin is more about sharing and giving. The children are not getting something.
      I have learned magic loop knitting too recently. It makes everything so much easier. :)

  7. oh wow loving what your knitting i have no idea {ok apart from a square } how to knit ,look at those knitting needles i would totally mess that up.Looks fab!
    Im in the ornament swap too lots fun

  8. That lantern is most wonderful! Love it. I also love that star up there on the needles. I am also working on some ornaments. So much fun.


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