Monday, December 3, 2012

Advent Calendar

Thank you so much for all your nice words on my last post! I enjoyed  reading them so much!
I have manged to finish our Advent Calendar on Friday, so here it is!

It´s just a simple count down calendar, where you cut off the daily number every day. I don´t have a pattern for the crochet part, I just made it up as I went along using Laurinda´s Reversible Intarsia technique to make it. You can read all about it here!

And this is my calendar!!! I will crochet a little ornament every day and hang it there. Hopefully there will be 24 little ornaments on Christmas. I will keep you posted how I´m getting along!
Oh, and this little elf moved into our house on Saturday! She loves to sit on the window watching the snow falling down and sometimes she is creating a little mess during the night! If you want to make one for you too, you will find the pattern here.
Thank you so much for visiting me here today! Have a wonderful week and all the best for you!!! Barbina


  1. What a lovely little elf! She 's looking so cute!
    Also the tree and the ornaments are very nice! You're really into christmas mood aren't you :-)

  2. Love both of our calendars Barbina! Very pretty!
    Victoria xx

  3. I love your calendar and that sweet elf!!!

  4. Meine Güte, Du bist so unheimlich fleißig!! :) Bin mal gespannt, was am Ende alles an Deinem Kalender hängt!

  5. Oh! What wonderful Christmas Crochet ideas! I love the idea of crocheting a new ornament to add each day, and thanks for linking to my blog. I think you are the first person to adapt my technique to your own pattern. Cool!

    The elf is SO cute! Are you familiar with "Elf on The Shelf"? I think it's based on a book, and now most US bookstores sell a set with a little stuffed elf and the book this time of year. The idea is that the elf moves around while we are sleeping, and kids like to check every morning to see if their elf has moved. But yours is so much cuter!

    Nice work!

  6. I love the idea of crocheting a new decoration each day! Then you can enjoy them for years to come, lovely :) x

  7. What fab christmasprojects! Really love your little elf she is very cute!

  8. Oh, was für ne tolle Idee mit dem jeden Tag was häkeln. Sollte ich vielleicht auch machen *denk* Ich überlege ja immer noch, wie wir unseren Christbaum schmücken sollen. Kugeln fallen ja aus mit nem sehr lebhaften, sehr neugierigen anderthalbjährigen Jungen... Noch könnte ich ja aufholen *lach*

  9. Your advent calendar is lovely. Good luck with all the crocheted ornaments. Sweet little elf, too. Warm hugs and wishes, Tammy

  10. Oh wow hon look at all the beautiful things you've been making! I love the advent calendar - what a truly fantastic idea!!! And as for your wee elf - that is totally, totally adorable!

    Have a fabulous week.

  11. I love your idea for the advent calendar! So cute. And I LOVE your elf!! She is adorable. Beautiful picture of the snow outside....

  12. Oh Barbina, die Elfe ist ja soo süß!! ♥ Danke für den Link :-)


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