Thursday, January 31, 2013

A cushion in progress

After quite a long time I´m having a new colourful crochet project! 
Last year I`ve  made a wonderful swap with Deborah from Simply Miss Luella. She  made this amazing wall hanging for me. It is so beautiful and fits so well into our living room! It always makes me happy, when I see it. So, my idea was, to make one or two crochet cushions for our sofa using the same colours as Deborah used for the wall hanging.

It is the first time I´m using pure wool for crochet and it is so wonderful to work with those soft little balls.
How is your weather at the moment? We had so much snow last week, that we couldn´t go anywhere even there was no school for a day. But now it is raining and everything is melting away. Soo sad!
Thank you so much for visiting me here today! I hope you all will have a wonderful rest of the week!
Keep well! Barbina 


  1. The cushions would go lovely with your blanket and the wall hanging. I love your snow photos...was just looking through my holiday snaps this morning, can't imagine its already a month ago that we returned from lovely snowy Austria!

  2. Hallo Barbina, schön dass du wieder da bist! Dein Blog sieht verändert aus, gefällt mir gut!
    Bin schon mal gespannt, wie die fertigen Häkelkissen aussehen.

    Bei uns ist es übrigens suuuuper windig (ich hab Angst, dass ich mitsamt Haus davongeweht werde, ähnlich wie beim Zauberer von Oz), und der Regen peitscht an die Fenster. Seit Tagen. Nonstop.

    Dir noch nen schönen Abend und liebe Grüße!


  3. Gorgeous colours of wool, your cushions will be stunningand your snow photos brilliant, so much snow!!!

  4. What a wonderful wallhanger! Beautyful colours has the lady choosen. And you took the right colours for the cussions; when they are ready it will be a perfect match!
    Here was a lot of snow last week but since sunday it melted away very quickly. Now we have storm, rain, but also sunshine.

  5. Those are wonderful colours, and they match your wallhanger so well!

    We barely had any snow, a day or two of some snow but that was all.

  6. Your cushions will look beautiful made of such lovely colours. Our snow has washed away too :) xx

  7. I was so happy to see that you had posted and then I was so surprised to see the wallhanging!! I love your idea of making color matching cushions. They will be lovely! Our winter has been too mild. I've missed not having a cold winter. But there's still time!

  8. Love love the tiny teeny squares. They look soo colorful and pretty together!

  9. Oh, so beautiful!! Yarn and snow - two of my favorite things!

  10. Hi Barbina! How are you gorgeous girl? It's been far too long since I popped by but school is back tomorrow after a long summer break so hopefully I will have a few more minutes to catch up on everything! I love your new crochet project - those colours are perfect. We are having the opposite weather to you - it's very warm here and even me (who loves the sun) is seeking out a shady spot.

    Have a fab week hon - see you again soon.

  11. Hi Barbina -- the wallhanging from Deborah is beautiful. And I can already tell that your crocheted cushion is going to be so pretty. Love the colors! Warm wishes and hugs, Tammy


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