Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Little Granny Cushion

Hello everybody!
My little crochet cushion is finished!!! Oh, I had a lot of fun making those cute little grannies, all 64 of them!

My plan was to use every colour combination only one time but-- uh-- didn´t work! Although I made a plan and did a lot of calculations, don´t ask me why this happened! Are you able to see all the doubles?

I kept the back very simple, just a big granny square, and added a little Mai-Rose at the corner

Finally spring has reached us too. All the snow melted away and it is getting warmer day by day . It is so nice to go outside now and see all the animals and little flowers everywhere. We are having a lot of frogs here at the moment and you have to be very careful not to step on one of them.
..at home
Finally, I have some belated thank you´s to give: 
To Nata from Natas Nest for giving me the Liebster Blog Award and
to  Christina from From the Hearth Room for passing the Super Sweet Blogging Award on to me!
Both are having wonderful blogs, you have to visit them soon!
Danke liebe Nata! Thank you so much Christina!
Many thanks for visiting me today!
Have a wonderful rest of the week!


  1. I love, love, love your cushion, what lovely vibrant colours (and no doubles stand out). The back is so pretty in it's simplicity too :) xx

  2. Just lovely! I had to search real hard to find the doubles..found red n green and orange n red :) But so many small squares ...tho the end result of the cushion is really beautiful. Like a small patch of spring!

  3. Oh, Barbina! What an amazingly beautiful cushion!! The back of it is lovely, too! Love the flower touch.

  4. Beautiful Barbina!.... an indeed the smallness of the squares and the variety you have used in colour is very effective. The contrast of the simple crochet back makes it perfect :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  5. such a lovely pillow. I love all your color choices.

  6. Barbina,
    I love love this little cushion, especially the little flower on the back.

  7. Hi Barbina, so happy to see that Spring has arrived in your corner of the world. Your little granny pillow is so sweet. I do two round grannies for the towel borders I make. Never thought to make a pillow with them. Maybe that will be an upcoming project. I just love making granny squares as they are so quick and easy. Hugs and blessings, Tammy

  8. Hello from the Netherlands:) I love your site too, so I become also a follower of you:)
    By the way.........Lovely cushion!

  9. Your crochet cushion is beautiful Barbina!...Such pretty colours and I love the addition of the pretty flower on the back too...
    Happy Crafty Weekend!
    Susan x

  10. Your cushion is beautiful, I love the colour combinations!

    Its great to be able enjoy going outside, when its all warm again :)

  11. I have just discovered your site, and wow you are so clever! The little granny pillow is so gorgeous!! I love it.

  12. Hello gorgeous girl! How are you? I have been away from blogland for far too long and it is so nice to be able to pop by and see what you have been up to. I absolutely adore your cushion - it is just beautiful! And what a clever idea to add the wee rose to the back - I think that is fantastic.

    Hope you're having a fabulous week hon. It is the school holidays here as of today so my house is very noisy!!


  13. Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments! Your words mean so much to me!

  14. Gern geschehen, liebe Barbina!! Hast ihn wirklich verdient :-)). Und ich bin auch ein bißchen verspätet *lach*. Dein Kissen ist ein Traum!! ♥ Ich mag diese mini Grannies total gerne, und Du hast sie so wunderbar bunt gemacht, herrlich! Aber die Rückseite ist auch toll, so schön romantisch. Ein Stimmungskissen :-). Ach ja, Glückwunsch auch zu dem anderen Award, toll!!


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